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If you’re emailing us for an update on your order, first double check the day you ordered and the estimate you were provided. Our estimates are given in business days and don’t include the day of order. Therefore, if it’s tight or you’re under the estimate given, please don’t stress and try and hold it out. Shipping emails can be delayed sometimes during peak times.

Of course, if it’s seeming like too much time has passed, shoot us a message and we’ll be sure to sort you out ASAP. We’re human and we do make mistakes but that don’t mean we won’t fix ’em!

Looking for a custom design?

If you’re looking for custom orders please contact us via our email or Instagram and we’ll do our best to get that sorted for you. Life is busy however, and it may take a while so if it’s urgent, let us know and we can charge you accordingly.

Prices do vary from custom to custom (duh) but we’ll try and maintain the £3 charge wherever possible. That charge can be reduced when ordering multiple customs or increased if the custom is increased in complexity.

Some FAQ's for all your Q's

How long does it take for items to be shipped?

So for posters, you’re looking at dispatch the day after you ordered (unless you’ve been a night owl and sorted it super late, soz, still possible just less likely).

With print clothing, it totally depends on how many orders both ourselves and our printers are dealing with alongside which items you ordered specifically. It’s the quickest for black and white tees which can see an average of 5 days usually (obviously this completely changes during peak times and can be either side in normal times), with coloured tees + hoodies & sweaters taking 7 days on average.

Finally, embroidered clothing can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks again, totally depending on our workload and what design/colour way you order. All clothing is made to order and that doesn’t change with embroidery meaning, we need to order in the blank garments after you order and this is done in batches.

Feel free to email us if you have questions about any of these times however, please don’t be disappointed if your order can’t be seen to urgently, things happen and there’s a lot of other people ordering so we like to be as fair as possible xox

How long do items take once shipped?

This is another ever-changing variable but, you can be sure that all domestic orders will be dispatched via 2nd class unless explicitly stated otherwise. After dispatch, it’s totally in the hands of Royal Mail in terms of delivery times and, whilst 2nd class is quoted at 2-3 business days, it can sometimes take up 10 days and only at that point can we deem it lost and look into getting you another made + dispatched.

If ordering internationally, please allow up to 3-4 weeks during peak times (Christmas, global pandemics, you know the vibe) and 1-2 weeks normally. Again, this can change massively depending on where you’re ordering from, your national postal services speeds and there being no issues, delays or events that could halt the stringent route of internationally shipped items.

How can I track my order?

A question we get a lot and something completely fair in the days of same millisecond delivery from Amazon! Jokes aside, only domestic clothing is sent with automated tracking numbers and these numbers will only become active once the item has been delivered or delivery has failed (allowing you to re-schedule). Posters are sent with this same delivery confirmation tracking however, we don’t automatically issue you the tracking but can easily provide it if asked (just remember, it won’t show you staged tracking, so I’m not sure why you’d need it along the way but hey-ho, each to their own).

International items are only sent tracked if you’ve been charged the correct amount at checkout (£10+ usually) so please don’t be disappointed if you don’t therefore have tracking. We can’t possibly begin to charge £3.99 for an international shipment and then pay the £10-20 tracked charged Royal Mail charges us so we hope you understand.

Can I return/exchange an order?


That’s the simple answer, sounds a bit harsh right? Trust us, we wish there was another way but there just isn’t – we’ve been in a couple arguments over the years on this one however, the majority of our buyers totally understand our reasoning and we’ll explain it below.

As all our products are made to order, that means that when you place an order, it is printed upon just for you, no one else. This makes that order, that t-shirt or whatever it is, totally custom to yourself and in turn, returning it to us would be useless as we can’t sell it onto anyone else (as we simply don’t hold stock). Of course we could suck it up and take the loss however, with the profit margins we’re operating on here, that’s not feasible and we’d be run into the ground in a matter of weeks.

Again, it sucks massively whenever someone reaches out asking if they can swap or return but we just couldn’t do it another way. The made on demand model allows us to offer jaw-dropping prices, a massive (and I mean, like chungus) amount of designs and constant new products. 

What are Originals?

Originals are designs based around our brand as opposed to pop culture. We are currently offering them at 30% (already low asf prices) and people seem to be really loving them. As we keep looking to expand, a lot more originals will be popping up including loads more embroidery, some more ‘funky’ novelty items and just a s**t tonne of cool swaggy stuff (yeah, I said that, fight me).

Who are you and why are you so goddamn cool?

Wow, thanks. Didn’t realise there’d be flattery!

For real, we’re just a bunch of kids trying to make it in this world and provide the bestest most affordable coolest dopest stuff out there. God that was a horrible sentence. We started from a tiny Depop store and ended up serving thousands who (I think) like us a lot. Idek how we are still going but we’ll keep going as long as there’s dope asf buyers like all of you (or we get offered a couple mill).

If you ever have a question that you can’t find an answer to on the site, just drop us an email [insert boomer ‘we don’t bite’ joke]!

Why are prices so low/have they ever increased?

We truly have zero interest in ripping you guys off. That’s the bottom line and, whilst there seems to be a bunch of copycats popping up, stealing our designs, our website information, text and general branding (yeah, we know you’ll see this losers, hi!) we’ll always charge less than these con artists. If you think about that, it’s kinda crazy right? The fakes of our brand, our designs, are literally more expensive than our original products… so it’s kinda an easy choice, don’t be fooled by some TFS knock off my dudes.

And to the increases, another thing we love to boast (and is now also being lifted) is our transparency. Since launching in 2018, we’ve increased our prices once, you heard that right, once and by £1 (and only on clothing products). This was due to us registering as an LTD and the incoming taxes + VAT we were then having to pay, a charge which we didn’t want to add on as a nasty surprise at checkout.

That was made over a year ago now and, since then our costs have gone up an absolute f**k tonne. We moved all clothing dispatch to 1st Class services (RM24, 1st Class & 1st Class Signed For) in November 2020 and absorbed the costs up until now (February 2021) however, we simply cannot afford to continue absorbing the additional postage. Shopify (who host our store) have also announced recently that they’ll be stopping refunding us any fees charged when we refund or cancel orders, another big blow to our already tiny margins. Finally, our printers have increased their additional print side costs by a lot and again, we didn’t reflect that price increase for nearly half a year but sadly, just can’t keep sucking these costs up.

So it means we’ve increased the prices of all clothing by £1. I know, crazy, a single pound. On a serious note, we never want to increase prices, it can seem greedy and I assure you this move isn’t remotely close to anything related to greed. So hopefully, if you’re reading this explanation wondering why, this explains why and ideally, justifies our actions so that you as a buyer can still go ahead happy knowing we’re surviving whilst still offering you the best prices possible.

As ever, we can’t rule out future increases, it’s always at the mercy of those who supply us but for now, hopefully that’s it for 2021. It’s not a big increase at all and we’re still proud to offer jaw dropping low prices, something nearly everyone else in this market can’t say (despite spending most of their time copying + pasting our product descriptions, hi again!).

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