Christmas Shipping


Christmas delivery is now impossible and you're a weirdo if you assume different ;)

We can never guarantee delivery in time for Christmas simply because Royal Mail, USPS and other services always struggle this time of year and therefore these dates are, as mentioned, an estimate and it's totally up to you if you wish to order! We had hoped to be offering expedited options by this stage but it's something that's still being worked on and therefore, sadly, just not ready yet - so please don't emailing asking for it.

If you order beyond these dates, your order may not arrive in time for Christmas and if delivery is then after Christmas, please allow extra time due to public holidays/post backlog. But also, if you order say, just before these dates, there's also a chance (albeit a slim one) that your order won't arrive in time. It's all down to the lovely geezers at Royal Mail who, we should add, love to lose packages, so again - if your package is lost by the posty, we'll do our best to help but may not be able to sort it in time for the big day!

Have a f**king awesome Christmas and don't stress us out too much, yeah?

Much love,

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