'TFS Multi Smile' Rug - The Fresh Stuff
'TFS Multi Smile' Rug - The Fresh Stuff
'TFS Multi Smile' Rug - The Fresh Stuff
'TFS Multi Smile' Rug - The Fresh Stuff
'TFS Multi Smile' Rug - The Fresh Stuff
'TFS Multi Smile' Rug - The Fresh Stuff
'TFS Multi Smile' Rug - The Fresh Stuff
'TFS Multi Smile' Rug - The Fresh Stuff
'TFS Multi Smile' Rug - The Fresh Stuff
'TFS Multi Smile' Rug - The Fresh Stuff
'TFS Multi Smile' Rug - The Fresh Stuff
'TFS Multi Smile' Rug - The Fresh Stuff

'TFS Multi Smile' Rug

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Vivid, soft and stunning, our rugs are the most affordable in the game! Whether placed on the floor, in a frame or wherever (who are we to judge) these rugs will catch all eyes (and maybe feet as well?).

All our rugs are handmade in house using the most affordable and sustainable materials one can source to ensure we're able to offer them to ya'll at jaw dropping prices.

  • Hessian/burlap based
  • Tufted using 100% premium acrylic yarn
  • Unfinished backing offering non-slip effect
  • Shaved for an as-close-to even surface

This rug is approximately 96cm in width (measurements are approximate + rough and cant vary depending on shaping but should be fairly accurate).

The rugs will usually be unfinished on the back, but what does that mean? Well, when you purchase a rug/carpet, normally they're professionally finished on both the edges and back of the rug. We skip that stage and it's simply just to save time + excessive production costs so we can offer you the amazing price on here. Alongside that, unlike our friends in the USA, the UK has very little to offer in terms of both tufting/rug making materials and accessible finishing solutions.

Here's an example of what the back of could look like:

We promise it's not us being lazy and hopefully you understand our reasoning but, hey, if that stops you from purchasing, no worries. We just want to be totally transparent and, whilst you literally can't even notice it once the rug is on your floor, it's worth giving the heads up. 

Do bear in mind that, unlike other products, rugs will have shipping charges but these are still super competitive and offer both economy + expedited options for domestic and international customers.

We recommend, if you require to clean your rug, doing it by hand or extremely gently with a hoover. At the end of the day, these are pieces of art and if they're constantly stepped on, material/yarn will fall off. That's expected and shouldn't ever end up being noticeable on the overall product. The hessian backing can also shed but again, this is expected if the product is used on the floor and some simple vacuuming should be your friend there.

If you have any questions in regards rugs, as ever, just shoot us an email and we'll happily get you sorted. We can also offer customs/commissions on rugs however, payment would be required up front.

Our current shipping estimates are displayed when selecting your shipping option - the days displayed are business days and does not include the day of ordering. These estimates reflect our current turnaround times and are based on all variables staying consistent. They are, still, just estimates though - this means that they're not set times but estimated and therefore can fluctuate.


Clothing is taking 2-7 days to be printed + dispatched

Posters are taking 1 day to be printed + dispatched

Royal Mail, who we ship with, are experiencing rough delays across their network and we cannot prevent this. We use 2nd class as standard (to allow for totally free shipping here) and that is one of the worst affected methods with extremely random delivery times ranging from 2 days to 11 at worst. We’ve now moved all clothing dispatch to 1st class and are currently absorbing the costs. As we stress below, estimates are estimates and they can/will change depending on the many variables involved.

UPDATE 14/1/21: We're still dispatching all clothing (print + embroidery) via 1st Class methods. This is completely on us, we're absorbing the costs but it's simply to allow massive expedition in the delivery process due to the 2nd class delays.


If for any reason (due to weight mistakes in your basket) you are quoted an incorrect domestic delivery time please refer to the following average estimates:

T-Shirts = 2-7 days
Hoodies = 3-8 days
Posters = 1-3 days
Embroidery = 5-12 days

Therefore, please allow up to 35 days for your order to arrive if ordering during peak times or if any errors/delays occur on both the customers end or our end. If more than 35 days have passed please email us at help@thefreshstuff.co.uk to review the status of your order. Please remember that we sadly don't accept returns, exchanges or cancellations once an order is placed as everything is made on demand and would only cover return shipping if a product was faulty.

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